Enrolling My Child

When can my child start school?

Children must be 5 years old before 30th April of the year of entry into Kindergarten.

All applications for enrolment will be treated individually.

Applications for enrolment in Kindergarten are called in August each year.

Parents wishing to enrol their children will be interviewed by the Principal before completing an application form.  During this meeting, the parents will be advised of the expectations and aspirations of the school and of their obligations to the school community.

The Special Education teacher will conduct an interview with each prospective Kindergarten child. During this interview screening tests for Kindergarten will occur.

At the point of application for enrolment, parents will be made aware of their obligations to pay school fees. Families who may experience difficulty in paying school fees may make confidential arrangements with the Principal.

Parents of any child with a disability will be referred to the CEO Handbook 2.8 for advice regarding enrolment.

Provision will be made in the school’s annual budget for the professional development of teachers of children with a disability and for the purchase of resources for these children.

The School reserves the right to refuse to enrol a student who has special educational or other needs if the accommodation of those needs would impose an unjustifiable hardship on the school.

The School may review any student’s enrolment from time to time and may cancel the enrolment if the School, in its absolute discretion, considers that it can no longer appropriately meet the student’s educational or other needs.

Children enrolled at the school should not be withdrawn from the school during school hours to participate in any activities that are not directly associated with the school.